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Africa & Community Development & Wellness, African Diaspora Engagement, Social Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business/Investment Opportunity in Africa 

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Established in 2013, Consciously Exposed provide our clients high-quality trainings, presentations and consulting services in the areas of : African Development the wellness way, African Diaspora Engagement in community building, advocacy, Diversity/Inclusion, Social Innovation & Corporate Social responsibility. Due to the dire need for more diversity, Inclusion in businesses,  more corporate social responsibility, more diaspora engagement,   our extensive experience serving and working with African Diaspora locally and globally position us to achieve measurable results for our clients!

Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston 

Nominated for Best Community Organizer by the African New England Awards Association, Leonard Tshitenge is  a Dynamic Congolese American Poet, Speaker, Consultant, Community Organizer, Youth Mentor, Social Impact Entrepreneur and a Proud Father. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, 

 Mr. Tshitenge

is also a certified Boston Artist approved by the Mayor’s office of Arts and Culture and the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The City of Boston has seen his contributions and  his unparalleled ability to inspire and bring people of all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds together in the interest of human rights, Diversity, Inclusion, Social Innovation and Building Economic capital 

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts

Mr. Tshitenge’s Advocacy and consultancy work contributed to the signing of the Congo-Conflict Mineral bills signed by Gov. Charlie Baker: A law requiring Massachusetts to review purchasing policies related to mineral resources from Congo. The new laws. 2463 requires the state to issue a report by Feb. 1 that would examine ways to ensure that electronics and communications companies that the state purchases from do not directly or indirectly finance armed conflict or result in labor or human rights violations

Honorable Ambassador of the African Union to the United States of America, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao

"Mr. Tshitenge  help enabled powerful engagement to continue the diaspora work that he does in the Boston area and beyond."   

 - The African Union, Constituency for Africa, Boston University and Harvard University

MA Assistant Secretary of Business Development & International Trade, Nam Pham

Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of

Business Development & International Trade Mr. Nam Pham congratulated Leonard Tshitenge in his Progressive

African Network initiatives  towards building a social entrepreneurship platform for a more

inclusive dialogue of Young African Diaspora Entrepreneurs in the public and government


Todd Philip Haskell, United States Ambassador to the Republic of the Congo Brazzaville

In 2016, Todd Philip Haskell former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of African Affairs at the United States Department of State, & now currently the United States Ambassador to the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Congo Brazzaville , met Leonard Tshitenge and His teams in Boston Massachusetts at a local African restaurants to discuss Diaspora engagement  here in the US and  development of communities in the United States and in Africa.