Consulting You Can Count On!

Consciously Exposed collaborate strategically  with impeccable professionals that matches our clients priorities for growth and innovation.

Our Strategic  Collaborations

Leonard Tshitenge, Boston, MA

by way of the Democratic Republic of Congo 


and Founder, Co-Chair of Progressive African Network

MorJieta Derisier

Boston, MA

By way of Haiti

Dynamic Attorney, Community Advocate.

Naomi Thompson 

South Africa

 Attorney, Co-author & Strategist in Investment opportunities and market research. 

Gweneth Job

South Africa

Marketing Management, Brand Development, Strategist in Business Development across Africa 

Hashim  Siraji,

Boston, MA

by way of Somalia

Co-Founder of Progressive African Network, Community Organizer & Tech Entrepreneur 

John Monteiro 

Boston, MA

by way of Cape Verde


Specialist in business/Investment Opportunities in Engineering, Manufacturing & 30 years experience in Business, Financial and Project Management

Christopher D. Jackson 

Boston, MA

by way of Liberia

Intelligent Analyst, the President and Founder of

the Sub-Saharan Africa Transnational Strategic Alliance (SATSA).

Cynthia Ezeani

Boston, MA

by way of Nigeria

Attorney and Specialist in African Development Funding. 

Joshua Mwanza, Boston MA

by way of Zambia

Specialist in Financial Planning and Finances.  

Dr. Harnet


International Development,

African strategist Market Consultant, Speaker and African  Business Boot Camp Coach