About the Author

“His many lenses move with ease from atrocities in Congo -Africa

to last night's dinner out, finding insight in both”

- Stan Galloway, Director of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival in Bridgewater, Virginia

Leonard Tshitenge is a dynamic Congolese American Poet, and Certified Boston Artist approved by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture and the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The international society of Poets in Florida has nominated Mr. Tshitenge poet of the year. He also received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, presented by the International Library of Poetry in Orlando, Florida. He was the keynote address speaker and featured at Bridgewater International Poetry Festival 2017 in Bridgewater, Virginia. He is currently based in Boston, active in community building, Advocacy , consulting  and frequently speaks and perform around the U.S.